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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 18, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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listen to that voice. president obama taking a historic step in his journey in restoring relations with cuba. the long arm of the law flexing its muscles in a neighborhood filled wiwh criminal activity. and what you may be eating along with parmesan cheese? oprah winfrey cleaning out her closet. president obama making it official. the commander in @hief announcing on twitter that he will visit cuba next month.
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turning point between the two countries that have been at odds for decades. thanks for joining us this midday. >> with this visit, obama will become the first sitting american president to visit cuba in close to nine decades. julia bagg is live in southwest miami-dade. she's been getting reactions from people on both sides. positive and negative. all morning long. julia. >> reporter: right now, we are at congresswoman office, we're waiting to hear her reaction this midday after the official announcement. this s rning, we're in little havana where this planned trip is drawing a deep divide with some: . anger over news over president obama's trip spilled over this morning in little havana it's another betrayal of the liberty and decracy the cuban people are fighting for says this man.
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totally different reason. one vens wail land american says president obama'strip to cuba would be expensive. imagine the security detail. he said those dollars should in america. >> it's a waste of money to go over there. spend it in our country. not another country. >> reporter: still some with roots in cuba call it something different. >> excellent. the world is starting to open up at least. >> he's the son of cuban exiles. he's never set foot on his parents' homeland. >> i'mying to see it. it's like you can actually see now,right, like the past jumping into the future. >> reporter: while creditic decry little change for politil freedom in cuba, this man disagrees. >> it's already changing. i'm going there on my sail boat very soon.
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enough is enough, you know. >> reporter: once again we are just minutes away from congresswoman ross lateman. we will hear from her. she's vocally against president obama's trip. we'll bringng her words live. >> we'll check in with you then. the historic trip, a hot topic on the campaign trailas you imagine. some of the republican presidential candidates making with president obama's decision to visit the country. in south carolina, marco rubio and ted cruz say it's a move they wouldn't make as commander in chief. >> not if it's t a free cuban. >> i wasn't surprised. >resident obama has said he would not go to cuba unless there waprogress on human rights and that he be able to meet with opponents of the regime. it's not clear yet if that's
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and we have in-depth coverage of the restoring of relations in the cuba cross roads section of the nbc 6 news and weather app. we'll be live streaming the white houseress conference expected to start at 12:30 this afternoon. the race for the white house getting very interesting at this point. for the first time in months, there's a new frontrunner on the republican side anyway. sennor ted cruz has a 2 point lead over donald trump. that's according to a new nbc wall street journal poll that came out today. trump is threatening a lawsuit over a recent ad for cruz that states that trump is prochoice. he said that's years ago and he now's pro life. >> republicans voters are taking a moment to pause as to whether donald trump is who they want to select as president or not.
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by south carolina governor nikki haley. bush is disappointed over her choice. nbc 6 is covering the campaign trail. steve litz will be in south carolina ahead of their primary. pope francis heading home this midday after a six-day tour of mexico. the pontiff spent his last day in mexico highlying the plight of migrants. he spoke about the humanitarian issues causing thousands of people to seek a new home. he took a symbolic walk to the rio grande. this story is a little bit around. a local teenager is trending. for the wrong reasons. he's accused of playing doctor nd treating real patients and
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thihi went on for months. investigators from the palm beach sheriffs office arrested this young ma malachi love-robinson. he doesn't have a license to operate an office. the teen madee several house calls to treat her stomach pains, severe stomach pain, that's the way she described . she says he duped her out of $6,000. sheaid that love-robinson diagnosed her with arthritis and sold her natural vitamins. >> i'm deeply saddened and disrespected by soo of the things have come forth. my attorneys are working hard. they are working around the clock to make sure that this issue gets resolved in the best way possible. >> the palm beach county sher shifs office just because you saw a season of grey's anatomy
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medicine. he was criminal crackdown, the miami police department conducting a special operation to round-up prostitutes, burglarsnd gang members. michael s sars rode along the arrests. we're hearing the bleeps so they weren't happy. >> reporter: miami police have been rounding up those accused in an array of crimes. one guy confessed to a one-man overnight crime spree. so far there have been nearly a half dozen arrests. there was no hiding from the cameras thursday for these accused criminals caught by miami police. some went with a smile. others n so quietly or politely. all in cuffs. >> they are committing crime. they suffer the consequences.
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the crackdown began at 5:00 a.m. thursday morning. >> prostitution, narycts. >> officers in uniform and undercover. this neighbor says the clean-up is needed. miami police arrested a man who lived next to her when we were interviewing her. >> tell me about the concerns about the area. >> of course, the prostitutes. of course, the illegal selling of drugs. we want to clean out the city. >> the crackdown mes amid concern about sketchy characters and activity in the area. >> residents don't want to see that. >> the police tell us the work isn't about arrests, but offering help like resources to the homeless and prostitutes. >> hopefully, we can not only eliminate the crime. >> reporter: the operation will run throroh 1:00 a.m. and as far
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crackdown effort, we will soon see this in other parts of the city. for now we're live in miami, michael spears. uber looking to gainn some support as a proposal involving the company will soon be up for a a vote. the company sent out an email to all their customers asking them to reach out to their commissioner and share why they think rub -- uber rides could stick around in miami-dade. last month, cocoissioners gave preliminary approval to allow uber and lift to screen their own drivers. that would be a change. commissioners will be needing next week at some point to continue discussing that proposal. fa and friends of mob wives star big ang are taking to social media remember the star. she had been fighting a year long battle with throat cancer
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brain and lung cancer. she was famous for her outspoken personality. she owned a staten island bar called the "drunken monkey" and opened a version called the miami monkey. she died peacefully in a new york hospital surrounded by friends and family. still ahead for you, this midday news cast on this thursday, an email mistake. a big one. you know the fear isis real. the fear of forwarding an email to the wrong person. it is very real. how it actually became a reality for one school district in a very unfortunate way. >> yikes. plus is yourheese real? the fda discovering a surprising ingredient in parmesan. you are probably not going to read it. maybe you got a few extra thousand laying around. oprah is cleaning out her closet. how you can buy some of her favorite pieces? beautiful afternoon shaping up in south florida.
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(coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. welcome back, everybody. a big bundle of fake bills busted by border patrol. look at that. a couple traveling from vietnam is accused of trying to smuggle in about $5 million worth of counterfeit cash through the
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customs agents are saying because the money was never spent, the couple was allowed to continue on in their travels. an elementary school in north delaware has a lot of apologizing to do this midday after a report was accidentally sent to students parents. it was actually a sarcastic form meant to mock sensitive people. part of it says its purpose to assist whiners in documenting hurt feelings and also ask for the name of the person who hurt your pansy feelings. the form was sent as an attachment by mistake and they apologize. some of the parent who received it say it was an unfortunate mistake but they don't believe it's a reflection of the school. >> oops. hit sent too quickly. toyota is issuing a new recall after of -- as of this rng morning. you if you owned an rav 4, you will be impacted. the seatbelts can be severed in a crash. the fix is pretty simple.
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the seat frame and they will be doing that free of charge. that is the rav 4. take a look at this, tons of tiny flies are terrorizing neighborhoods in phoenix, arizona. they are forming thick swarms. the tiny bugs are not harmful, they don't carry any disease, nothing like that. but they are really annoying. the creatures are coming out enforce now the warmer weather is returning. are ever wonder what's in the food that you are eating. the fda looked at a particular kind of cheese toind out if it contained ingredients that you may not want to be eating. >> obviously, the answer is yes. 100% parmean cheese isn't 100% organic parmesan. we explain how the investigation
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questions now. >> reporter: america has long had a love affair wh cheese but this case smells rotten. the fda spelled it out in a 2013 letter quote your parmesan cheese product do not contain any parmesan cheese. instead, it contained cheaper swiss and cheddar cheese and an organic filler called cellulose which can be derived from wood pulp. >> they are looking to cheat, deceive us, trying to do things that we don't notice but to cut corners so they can make money. >> the fda does allow fillers like cellulose like cheese. it only make up 4% of the total ingrediens. dr. sphinx says it all should be included on the label. he said hard cheese is on the
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mislabelling issues. also on that list, certain brands of extra virgin olive oil. accused of cutting the olive oil with cheaper canola oil. lobster and scallops that can be sold and served with at this lap pia mixed in. and some orange juices, some companies call juice 100% pure. we reached out to the involved food industries. they say they are committed to complying with food standards /-. >> most people are really focused on it. they go to a great italian restaurant and wow there is something about the food that was really grgrt, what was it? it's because the products are real and that's what we're missing out on here. >> for its part, the food and
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job is to make sure food doesn't hurt you, not to police the labels. >> the no doubt the highest priority is to keep us safe. >> what can you do if you are concerned about the food in your fridge and pantry, the best course of action is to buy products with a name you trust. >> it makes you question everything. that was olivia sterns reporting. cattle cheese did eventually take corrective action. they filed for bankruptcy in 2014. we reached out to the company and did not hear back. now, first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips. south florida's most accurate forecast. we continue on with our dry weather pattern, dry this morning. beauful start to our day. warming up now with a few clouds moving in and a worst-case scenario, in northeast broward we'll see a sprinkle or two. right now, we've got dry conditions. i think we're looking good into the afternoon hours.
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and experience it. we've got a few clouds moving in into the miami area. your temperatures moving up to 75 with light winds less than 5 % miles per hour. beach. you can see some coastal clouds lining up. isn't that pretty? notice the clouds aren't growing that much in the vertical. the atmosphere fairly dry and stable. we're just having a northeast ocean breeze. a little bit more widespread here into eastern broward county but all of our sky cameras really paining a picturee of a very fair weather day. here's that line of clouds as we look at it from satellili image. a little bit thicker cloud cover. here across the southeastern palm beach county, heading down toward broward county. so maybe with the lift we get in the atmosphere, maybe a sprinkle or two, not just today but tonight and tomorrow. low temperatures, how about this? we were down to 56 briefly thh morning in pompano beach.
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west kenda, 52. light winds and clear skies all part of that. but now with the sunshine we've had this morning, a quick warm up to now the mid 70s and maybe add a degree or two to that for the afternoon high today but these north winds are soon going to shift to the northeast and that will stabilize the temperatures, kind of put the breaks on us warming us through the afternoon. here's the pressure that helps keep the entire region relatively dry. breezy here. elevated rip current danger to go along with it. passing clouds from time to time through kae -- today, through tonight and on into friday, with no real significant or appreciatible rainfall. we'll get rid of the breeze after the next two afternoons. lunch hour looks good. 77 the high. at least our beaches become a little bit breezy this afternoon. evening commute looks good. 74, and then as we get into the
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here's the danger. not just for today but for the next few days. rip current risk high with those on shore breezes. but your weekend looks great. first alert forecast, mid 70s, dry condidions all the way through, and then we get to next week, and that's ourur next chance for some shower activity starting on tuesdaynd tuesday and wednesday we'll be watching the radar with highs both days in the lower 80s. chief meteorologist john morales with an updated forecast at 5:00. unfortunately this happens a whole lot. if you ever lost money to a be gone forever. >> there's a little known state fund that actualal pays you back. people like maria gonzales, they are affected by this. a housekeeper, she put ,000 down on hurricane shutters but the contractor she paid ran off ith her money. now her daughter-in-law is trying to get it back. >> she doesn't have disposable income to give away $2,000 like that. >> they have been waiting for years and they are still not any money. it's a process that's been
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tonight at 6:00, nbc 6 investigator miriam misigi uncovers the sues. if you are an oprah fan, you might be able to get your hands on her gently used high fashion items for 99 cents. oprah is cleaning out her closet and starting the march 1st, she will be auctioning more than 250 of her best items on ebay. they include everything from dresses to coats on down the line. jewelry, shoes, the whole shebang. bidding is going to s sart at 99 cents and as you can imagine, cents. all proceeds will go to the oprah winfrey leadership academy for girls which will those amounts even higher. >> much higher, probably. >> into the thousands very likely. more controversy for the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. as you know, the folk who hand out the oscars they are not
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offered by one markkarketing figure. >> the company is called distinctivee assets, they are promising they win no matter. they get a swag bag.% the academy is not happy. falsely creating the impression of association affiliation connection, sponsorship and endorsement. the academy is especially angry some of the items in t t swag bag are racy and raunchy. >> hugh jack man in miami. the hollywood hunk was in town for the premier for his new movie, eddie the eagle. 8plus, is your guy grooming his face? protecting your skin, not only for the ladies, gentlemen, you got to think about it as well. tips on what the man in your life should be doing that he's not.
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on "six i welcome back, everybody. nbc 6 continuing to following that breaking news regarding the president's trip to cuba which is expected to happen in the next couple of weeks. >> we're taking a live look from southwest miami-dade at the office of representative ros-lehtinen. let's listen in. >> we already know what will visit. cuba will make a grant show once again of releasininhundreds of players -- prisoners. we've seen this move before. people who shouldn't have been in jail in the first place. just like they did ahead of the pope's visit. when the president leaves, just like when the pope leaves, many of those released will be
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>> all right. so you are listening to lehtinen. >> you saw mario also there.
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news and weather app for the /s hello, it's me, roxie. i had to do it. today at 4:00, you can see "ellen. "she takes on the grammy winner, adele for her first exclusive sit down interview since she performed at the grammys. first, some fun. take look. >> hello. it's me. i was wondering if after all these years you would leave a message at the beep. hello, can you hear me? california dreaming. about the message that you leave. hello, from ellen.


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